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How to buy and clean clams?

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Note: Flower clam, this kind of seafood should pay more attention to some details and methods in choosing, purchasing and clea
 Flower clam, this kind of seafood should pay more attention to some details and methods in choosing, purchasing and cleaning, so that we can eat the rest assured clam. Here, we want to introduce the selection and cleaning methods of clams, so that you can eat the best quality clams, come and learn two tricks together.
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Nutritional value of clam
Meat is delicious, nutritious, with high protein content, reasonable composition and proportion of amino acids, low fat content, high unsaturated fatty acid, easy to digest and absorb by human body, and various vitamins and medicinal ingredients. Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other trace elements necessary for human body can be used as human nutrition, green food, favored by consumers. In clam meat and shellfish mollusks, there is a kind of Dalter 7-cholesterol and 24-methylene cholesterol which can reduce serum cholesterol. They both have the unique function of inhibiting cholesterol synthesis in liver and accelerating cholesterol excretion, thus lowering cholesterol in vivo. They are more effective than gluten, a commonly used cholesterol-lowering drug.
According to TCM, clam meat has the functions of nourishing yin, brightening eyes, softening and firming phlegm, and some shellfish also have the function of enriching and moistening the dirty. Everyone can eat it. People with high cholesterol, high blood lipid constitution and those with goiter, bronchitis, stomach disease and other diseases are particularly suitable.
At the same time, how to choose and clean clams?
Selection and Purchasing Method of Flower clam
Choose clams that open their mouths for breathing. Buy clams to choose open mouth for breathing, such live clams eat more delicious, and try to choose the whole body stretching, spitting sand more evenly.
Don't choose open shells. Some clams have opened their shells, indicating that the clams have died. This kind of clam has a fishy smell after frying, which affects the taste. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the selection.
The clams in the supermarket are better than the vendors. Comparing small purchases of clams, we found that although the price of clams in supermarkets was higher than that in stalls, they tasted no odor. The main reason was that saline water was used in supermarkets, and oxygen was continuously supplied and handled well. The clams on stalls lasted a long time and died a lot.
Choose bigger clams. Big clams have more meat and taste better. So try to choose the bigger ones.
Cleaning methods of clams
Warm brine bubbles: First, put clams in a basin of warm water, and add salt and oil in the warm water. The dosage depends on the water in the basin. This method can imitate the growth environment of clams, so that they can open their shells to facilitate sand spitting. The role of oil is to form a layer of oil film on the water surface, which can separate water from air, and make clams breathe faster because of lack of oxygen in water, thus speeding up the progress of sand vomiting. Then, after two or three hours of silence, we will see that most clams open their shells and the water is muddy, when the clam to spit sand process is completed. If we want to shorten the time of sand vomiting, we can agitate the water in the basin by hand and change the water repeatedly, so that the clams can vomit all the sand in a few minutes.
Boiling and rinsing: If you think the first method is too time-consuming, then let's learn a fast way to remove sediment. First, fill the pot with water and boil the clams in water. When the water in the pot boils, the clam's shell is basically opened. At this time, the water is poured out, and then the clam can be rinsed with water once to clean up the sediment. But this method can easily affect the taste of clams. We can cool the boiled water to filter the sediment deposited at the bottom and wash the clams with the clarified soup above, so as to retain some of the fresh taste.
After purchasing clams, they must be thoroughly cleaned.
Source: Family Doctor Online
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