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Investigation of mooncakes in Beijing: mixing, stealing beams and changing pillars

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Note: Less than a month before the Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes have gradually entered the peak season of sales. This is als
 Less than a month before the Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes have gradually entered the peak season of sales. This is also the first quality test since the promulgation of the "New National Standard for Mooncakes" at the end of last year. Beijing Business Daily reporters investigated the quality of mooncakes in Beijing market through the channels of Shangchao, cake shop, snack shop and old-fashioned pastry shop. They found that many mooncakes had problems such as filling ingredients changing pillars, vague ingredient labeling, no proportion labeling of ingredients for new tastes, excessive luxurious packaging, etc. External dispersed mooncakes do not indicate ingredients and ingredient information, and there are potential health hazards.
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The moon cake filling is short in weight
Last December, the new edition of GB/T 19855-2015 "Mooncakes" standard (hereinafter referred to as "New National Standard for Mooncakes"), issued jointly by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Federation, was formally implemented. Although it is a recommendatory standard, the "product execution standard" in the packaging information of moon cakes has been changed to the "GB/T 19855" new standard. "The biggest significance of this new standard is to specify the raw materials and content of moon cakes, requiring enterprises to produce real materials," said an industry insider engaged in the sale of moon cakes.
Beijing Business Daily reporter found that the Qingniu Cantonese moon cakes in Ditan Store of Century Hualian Supermarket did not meet the minimum filling content. After weighing, the total weight of the pineapple-flavored moon cakes was 66.9g, the filling weight was 43g, the filling content was 64.28%, and the filling content of Wuren-flavored moon cakes was 63.43%. According to the new national standard of moon cakes, the filling content of Cantonese moon cakes, nuts, fruits and vegetables should not be less than 65%.
In addition, the bulk mooncakes sold by Daoxiangchun Beijing General Store are not packaged independently. Consumers can only learn the taste information from the label, but not the ingredients and content.
Five Ren Ingredients Stolen Beams and Replaced Columns
Wuren is one of the classic mooncakes, and it is also a disaster area with irregular quality. A reporter from Beijing Business Daily found in Jinfeng Chengxiang Cake House that the ingredient list of Wuren moon cakes was written "white lotus stuffing, walnut kernels, white sesame, peanut kernels, pine nuts and melon seeds", which lacked almonds and olive kernels. The new national standard of moon cakes clearly points out that five-kernel moon cakes "use walnut kernels, almonds, olive kernels, melon seeds, sesame kernels and other five main raw materials to process into fillings". In addition, Yili's five-kernel red moon cake contains only melon seed, walnut and white sesame. In other bulk mooncakes, raisins or almonds are used instead of almonds and olives.
For this reason, a Beijing Business Journal reporter searched an online shopping mall and found that the bagged ingredients such as raisins and peach kernels were much cheaper than the standard ingredients such as olive kernels and almonds. If the price of 500 g peeled olive kernels is 170 yuan, the price of almond kernels as a substitute is 35 yuan, which is about 80% cheaper than olive kernels.
Unhealthy ingredients seriously exceed the standard
The new regulations impose strict restrictions on the "identity certificate" of moon cakes, but many manufacturers are innovating their tastes while rubbing edges on the ingredients of fillings. A reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that the content of coconut in Cantonese-style coconut moon cakes is 25%, which is quite different from the content stipulated in the new national standard of moon cakes. According to the regulations, the filling content of Cantonese moon cakes should not be less than 65%.
The new national standard for moon cakes also states that the fat content of tap red moon cakes should not exceed 25%, while the fat content of tap red moon cakes produced by Beijing Alcohol Rongju Food Co., Ltd. is 42%, exceeding the standard seriously. Su's fruit and vegetable and fleshy moon cakes produced by Shanghai Fang Jinji Food Co., Ltd. did not clearly label trans fats (acids).
Nutrition experts say that trans fats are produced during the process of "hydrogenation" and that excessive intake can cause harm to the human body.
A reporter from Beijing Business Daily saw at the gate of Hualian Supermarket near Anzhenqiao that the fat content of the Cantonese-style five-kernel muffin moon cake produced by Taiwan brand Guo Yuanyi Food Co., Ltd. was 49%, far higher than that of the new national standard of mooncakes, which was not higher than 35%. The protein content was 13%, and the new national standard limit value of mooncakes was 5%.
The cost of packing boxes accounts for nearly 70% of the total.
As gifts for visiting relatives and friends, some moon cake gift boxes are exquisite in appearance, but Beijing Business Daily reporters also found that there is still over-packaging. For example, a gift box containing 10 pieces of moon cakes, the price of which is 129 yuan, only 41 yuan is needed to buy the same bulk moon cakes separately, and the packaging fee accounts for 68.2% of the total price of the gift box. Since April 2010, the "Restriction on Excessive Packaging of Commodities Requirements Food and Cosmetics" has stipulated that the total cost of all packaging other than initial packaging should not exceed 20% of the sales price of commodities. The 68.2% packaging fee of the above gift boxes far exceeds the 20% ceiling.
Wumei supermarket sales of Hebei Daoxiangcun "celadon moon" gift box, the total weight of moon cakes is 740g, while the total weight of gift box is 204g, the weight of packaging box is almost 1.7 times that of moon cakes.
In addition, there are many kinds of filling outlets in this year's moon cake market, but there are also hidden dangers in innovation. In Laiyi snack specialty store, there are innovative taste mooncakes such as vanilla, mocha and so on. For example, besides white kidney beans and green tea powder, all the ingredients of mooncake fillings are additives. The ingredient list only indicates 2% of mooncake powder, and no other cost proportion is identified.
Beijing Business Daily reporter also found that there are many kinds of innovative taste mooncakes, including chocolate cheese mooncakes, Cantonese walnut macchido mooncakes, chocolate durian mooncakes, spicy beef mooncakes, chocolate hazel.
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