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How to Clean Raw Meat

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Note: Many people know that raw meat can not be eaten, so when buying raw meat back, can you wash it under the tap, and how to
 Many people know that raw meat can not be eaten, so when buying raw meat back, can you wash it under the tap, and how to wash it?
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Fresh slaughtered raw meat is relatively clean and less bacteria, but there may be parasite, such as Taenia solium and Taenia solium. People infected with parasites will have abdominal distension, diarrhea, dyspepsia and other symptoms.
Taenia solium, for example, not only damages the intestines, but also causes the larva to enter the blood. It will also cause damage to the whole body. Entering the brain will cause epilepsy, and entering the eye will lead to blindness. Long-term infection with parasites can lead to malnutrition and other infections.
At the same time, with the storage and transportation, raw meat will gradually produce a large number of bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Acetobacter, Pseudomonas and so on. So that people have diarrhea, fever, enteritis and other symptoms. Parasitics and bacteria in raw meat can cause great harm to human health. Fortunately, they can be eliminated by heating them sufficiently at high temperatures.
Therefore, from a safety point of view, in addition to organic meat, or meat from a particularly well-known source, it must be thoroughly cooked before eating.
Some people are used to rinsing the meat before cooking. But this habit has a lot of potential health hazards. Recently, experts warned that after buying raw meat, do not rinse it under the tap. If you wash raw meat with a faucet, not only can you not kill the bacteria on it, but the splashing water will also let the bacteria infect the kitchen - sink, case board, cooking table, kitchen knife... As long as the water splashes where possible, the bacteria may pass through. The next time you wash raw foods like fruits, you may contaminate bacteria and cause food safety hazards.
Therefore, the Health Department of Victoria, Australia, recommends that raw meat not be washed under the tap, but be washed in a fixed basin and then dipped in a kitchen paper towel.
Tips to buy pork at ease
There are three criteria for pork freshness: fresh color, fragrance and non-sticky handle.
The skin and white meat are hard and shiny.
The lean part of fresh pork is light red or bright red in color, marble-like texture in cut surface, white and lustrous in fat part, hard and thick. Pork that is not fresh is often dark red or purple-red in color, with fat losing luster, turning gray-yellow or even green.
The fragrance has no peculiar smell.
Fresh pork has an inherent fragrance. Unfresh pork usually has a slight ammonia or sour taste. The frozen pork has normal color, odor and moisture content after thawing. The expired frozen pork has dark yellow fat, dry and black muscles, air-dried oxidation spots on the surface, and a light odor near the smell, and a stronger odor after thawing.
The surface is not viscoelastic.
Touch the fresh pork surface, feeling slightly dry or wet, but not sticky, good elasticity, finger pressure depression can be immediately restored, with a solid feeling. Raw meat is prone to change in quality in summer when it is prolonged. If you touch the fresh meat, you will feel the surface is dry or sticky, the new cut surface is wet, the depression after finger pressing can not be restored immediately, and the elasticity is poor.
Source: 99 Health Network
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