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Ten Kinds of Dietary Habits

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Note: With the development of social life, we are no longer able to control ourselves, and the way of thinking is no longer co
 With the development of social life, we are no longer able to control ourselves, and the way of thinking is no longer comparable with the previous ones. In pursuit of delicate life, we should also pay attention to the occurrence of some dietary vices. Then what are the vices of diet and how to achieve the occurrence of vices? Now let's recognize it together.
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Bad Habit 1: Making Tea in a Thermal Cup
[Reason] Vitamins are destroyed and tannic acid and theophylline are exuded in large quantities. Tea contains a lot of tannic acid, theophylline, tea fragrant oil and many kinds of vitamins. It is more suitable to brew tea with water at 80 C. If tea is soaked in high temperature water for a long time in a heat preservation cup, the vitamins in tea will be destroyed as if it was boiled in slight water. Tea fragrant oil will be volatilized in large quantities and tannic acid and theophylline will permeate in large quantities. Out. This not only reduces the nutritional value of tea, reduces the fragrance of tea, but also increases harmful substances.
Change cups
Habit 2: Fruit as staple food
[Reasons] Lack of protein and other substances, nutritional imbalance, and even cause disease. Many office workers do need nutrients in fruits to resolve digestive problems, increased blood lipids and vascular sclerosis caused by long-term sedentary working style. But fruit is not a staple food. Because fruits contain many vitamins and sugars, but they lack the protein and some trace elements needed by the human body.
[See Recruitment and Dismantlement] Learn what your body fits and what you can't eat first.
Habit 3: Eating raw food at banquets
[Reason] Causes various parasitic diseases. Salmon, clam, bass, mullet, sashimi, snake, turtle, crab and other office foods are the first choice for business dinner. The risk of parasites and pathogenic bacteria is very high. In addition, chefs in order to pursue delicious taste, cooking is often inadequate. It is easy for you to get sick from the mouth when eating.
[See Recruitment] The active substances in lettuce and raw juice are close to human body, which can keep white blood cells in normal state and restore the immune function damaged by eating cooked food. Given these benefits, practice your stomach first.
Eating raw food also pays attention to eating raw food:
1. Drink fresh vegetable juice and fruit juice every day.
2. Cool fresh vegetables with vinegar and less salt.
3. People depend on eating cooked food to maintain their life activities. They eat fruits and other raw foods first, and then cooked food. There will be no increase of white blood cells.
4. Do not eat processed foods, such as canned foods and foods with preservatives, pigments, chemical raw materials and other processors.
Habit 4: Coffee addiction
1. Reduce the fertility rate. Drinking a cup of coffee every day could reduce the fertility rate by 50%.
2. Easy to suffer from heart disease. Coffee contains high concentration of caffeine, which can change heart function and increase cholesterol in blood vessels.
3. Reduce work efficiency. Medical researchers have found that a person who drinks five or more cups of coffee a day is twice as likely to suffer from heart disease as a non-drinker, and the longer the coffee addiction, the more he drinks, the greater the risk of heart disease. A survey of 858 first-time myocardial infarction patients aged 45-69 showed that those who drank more than five cups of coffee a day had a 70% increased risk.
Drink less.
Habit 5: Smoking after meals
[Reason] Make harmful substances in smoke more accessible to the human body. Smoking a cigarette after meals can cause more poisoning than the sum of ten cigarettes. Because after eating, gastrointestinal peristalsis is strengthened and blood circulation is accelerated. At this time, the human body's ability to absorb smoke enters the "best state", and the toxic substances in smoke enter the human body more easily than usual, thus aggravating the damage to human health.
[See Recruitment] It's better to ban smoking completely, at least not after meals. If you have a friend who likes smoking, you should remind him to smoke less after meals and refuse to smoke second-hand.
Bad Habit 6: Excessive Alcohol Consumption
[Reasons] Heavy or frequent drinking can cause inflammation and enlargement of the liver, affecting the reproductive and urinary systems.
[See Recruitment] Learn how to drink when you have to drink.
Best variety: wine is divided into liquor, beer and fruit wine. From a health point of view, red wine, one of the fruit wines, should be the best. That's why the French are less likely to suffer from heart disease. Frequent consumption of red wine halves the risk of heart disease, according to researchers.
Best time: It's safer to drink after 2 p.m. every day. Because a few hours in the morning, the gastric alcohol decomposition enzyme - alcohol dehydrogenase concentration is low, drinking the same amount of alcohol, more easily absorbed than in the afternoon, so that the blood alcohol concentration increased. It does great harm to liver, brain and other organs. In addition, it is not advisable to drink alcohol on an empty stomach, before bed, when you have a cold or when you are emotionally agitated, especially liquor, in order to avoid cardiovascular damage.
Best drink: A person weighing 60 kilograms should limit his allowable intake of alcohol to less than 60 grams per day. Those who weigh less than 60 kilograms should be reduced accordingly, preferably at about 45 grams. Converted into all kinds of finished wine should be: 60 degree liquor 50g, beer 1kg, whiskey 250ML. Red wine is good for health, but it should not drink too much. It is better to drink 2 to 3 glasses a day.
Best side dish: From the metabolic rule of alcohol, when boosting protein and vitamin-rich food. Such as fresh vegetables, fresh fish, lean meat, beans, eggs and so on. Be careful not to use salted fish or sausage
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