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Yu-Shiang Eggplant in Casserole

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 "Fish-flavored eggplant, also known as Yuxiang eggplant, is one of Sichuan's traditional specialties. It belongs to the representative fish-flavored dishes in Sichuan cuisine. There is no fish in the fish-flavored eggplant, which is the compound flavor of Sichuan pickled pepper, sugar, vinegar and other condiments. Sichuan pickled pepper is the bottom flavor, and the salty acid it brings is the basis of fish flavor.
In this cold winter, a pot of steaming hot taste delicious, soft and fragrant, salty and tasty fish-flavored eggplant cooker is absolutely the family's favorite rice magic weapon, used to mix rice and noodles are superb. And for me, it's simple and fast, a casserole can do the whole process, save trouble.
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