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Salt-baked chicken in casserole

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 "To celebrate the Spring Festival, there are few dishes that can live in the town. These dishes are not necessarily complicated and time-consuming. For example, this salt-baked chicken, salt-baked chicken is one of the representative dishes in Cantonese cuisine. It sells well and tastes good. It is not only a delicious dish, but also a warm, refreshing and healthy body.
Hakka salt-baked chicken can also be made at home. The traditional method is full of flavor, and the New Year's Eve dinner is ready.
Nowadays, most salted chickens sold on the market are baked or steamed, and the traditional method of salting is seldom seen. In fact, this method is very simple. To put it simply, the whole chicken is wrapped in paper and baked in a sandpot with fried hot salt for about an hour. So to make this dish, just prepare a good dry-burning casserole and sea salt in advance, and remember not to use ordinary casserole, otherwise there is the risk of cracking.
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