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Baby's Supplementary Recipe of Purple Potato Fair Cake

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 "My dear is Junjun, a nutritionist and mother of nursery, who likes to share the knowledge of baby supplementary food making and feeding. The supplementary food I made for my baby has been videotaped, which is included in my public number Baby Supplementary Food Talents, including staple food, soup, baking, diet therapy, etc. Pay attention to me, and stop worrying about what the baby eats!
Haicai is very suitable for children to eat pasta, steamed Haicai taste soft, very suitable for early chewing baby to exercise chewing ability, has begun to eat independently of the baby practice grasp is also very good!
It's easy to carry when staple food, cook extra meals, or go out. Raw materials are also very healthy, no oil, no additives, steaming can not eat fire.
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