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Sauerkraut Stewed in Stone Pot Bone

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 "As a northeastern silver, in the cold winter at home must have a large jar of pickled pickles. Salted in early winter, just in the middle of winter.
On the cold days outside, when the north wind is snowing, the temperature is below 10 degrees or even more than 20 degrees, we are sitting in the heated house, and we feel happy just by smelling the aroma of big bones stewed pickles.
A sour vegetable in Northeast China added 4 kg of bones, stewed slowly on a small fire, and the charming meat fragrance gradually spread throughout the kitchen. Reheat it in a hot stone pot and serve it to the table, so that you can eat it from head to tail warmly.
Drinking super sour pickle soup, with almost melted bones on the thick meat, dipped in salty and spicy garlic sauce, until the tip of the nose came out of tiny sweat, all over the body is comfortable and relaxed warmth.
The world is full of fireworks, which is the most pleasant life..."
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