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Norwegian Meatcake Sausage

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 "It's a typical Norwegian dinner. There are meat, vegetables, potatoes and essential sauces on the big western plate.
I remember a long time ago when I worked in a Norwegian canteen, the dinner was sold to the end without sauce, and the customer ordered the dinner in advance. The customer looked very angry and said that it was impossible to eat without sauce. He returned the dinner and complained about our canteen.
There are many ways to make sauce in Norway. One of them is to use concentrated soup, which is very convenient and saves the process of boiling soup. "Jiale Lung Tangbao" belongs to this category, which is very convenient and tastes good.
Two persons:
Ingredients: 300 grams of meat pie, 200 grams of sausage, 180 grams of broccoli, 180 grams of carrots and 360 grams of potatoes
Sauce materials: 15g butter, 2 cloves of garlic, 5g flour, 300ml clear water, half box of thick soup, 2G sugar, a few drops of old pumping, a little garlic seedling.
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