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brand Introduction
 Hawker headquarters is located in Xiamen, a warm and romantic garden city on the sea and a city of quality of life. Hawker is a Western-style catering chain enterprise mainly engaged in steak.
On January 8, 1993, only 60 square meters of the founding store was born in Xiamen. At the beginning of the life, it has been growing healthily for 15 years in the surging Chinese catering industry. Moreover, as of January 8, 2008, Hakka has opened more than 140 chain restaurants in more than 50 cities of 15 provinces in China, with an annual rate of more than 1800. Wan's loyal customer service.
Two Brands
Since 1993, Hakka has developed two major brands: Hakka Steak House and HKL Steak Red Wine House.
The establishment of HKL symbolizes the birth of Hakka's new diet culture - steak with red wine, creating a lifestyle tomorrow!
Logistics Distribution Center
Hawker has its own logistics distribution center, professional refrigerated vehicle distribution, timely delivery of key seasoning ingredients to the national branch!
Innovative R&D team
Hawker restaurant designer with fashion keen sense of smell, from Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, domestic excellent catering chef team, will combine Eastern and Western catering culture, create a suitable Chinese food, in the 20-year history of steak production, into more creative factors, in the creation of art will be money. New steak is the ultimate presentation!
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