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brand Introduction
McDonald's, headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, is an international company with billions of dollars in assets. McDonald's is a large fast food group in the world. Since the founders of McDonald's Brothers and Ray Clock opened their first restaurant in Illinois in 1955, McDonald's has opened more than 30,000 restaurants in more than 120 countries and regions around the world, with a global turnover of about 10.49 billion US dollars. It is still developing rapidly in a fast trend. McDonald's represents an American way of life in many countries.
The phrase "McDonald's is not just a restaurant" accurately sums up the business philosophy of McDonald's Group. In the global system of McDonald's, the operation of McDonald's restaurants is an important part, because McDonald's business philosophy and joy, delicacy is passed to customers through the staff of the restaurant.
However, the restaurant is not the whole world brand of McDonald's, it is only the corner of the iceberg, because behind it, there is a comprehensive, perfect and powerful support system, which has reached the effective guarantee of quality and quantity. Among the support of this powerful system are: food processing and manufacturing with advanced technology and management. Purchasing network of suppliers, packaging suppliers and distributors, perfect and sound human resources management and training system, management around the world, transportation and marketing system, development and construction, marketing, accurate and fast financial statistics and analysis. Wait. Each Department has its own functions, strives for excellence, develops teamwork, and strives to achieve McDonald's "100% customer satisfaction" goal.
McDonald's famous McDonald's brand has more than 32,000 fast-food restaurants, distributed in 121 countries and regions around the world. In addition, McDonald's now controls other catering brands, such as Aroma Cafe [1], Boston Market, Chipotle Mexican tacos, Donatos Pizza and Preta Manger.
McDonald's gross revenue in 2008 was 23.5 billion US dollars, and its net profit was 4.3 billion US dollars.
Most McDonald's fast food restaurants offer drive-through service. Customers can drive around the restaurant and order at the exit. Both services provide both indoor meals and sometimes outdoor seats.
Drive-thru restaurants usually have several separate sites: parking, checkout and pick-up points, while the latter two sites usually come together.
In some areas, there will be McDrive on both sides of the main highway, which is a kind of no-counter and no-seat highway for entertaining night drivers. This kind of highway often appears in the densely populated downtown area as a simplified way of fast-food restaurant.
Some special theme restaurants remain, such as Rock and Roll McDonald's Theme Restaurant in the 1950s, and others are carefully selected and located in suburban areas and large indoor or outdoor playgrounds in some cities. They were called McDonald's PlayPlace (formerly called PlayLand), which first appeared in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s, but later in the world: most parts of Canada, for example, did not appear until the mid-1990s.
McDonald's devotes part of its turnover to charity every year. When founder Ray Crocker died, he used all his property to set up the Uncle McDonald's Charity Fund.
Because McDonald's regularly sells carbonated drinks provided by Coca-Cola, McDonald's actually formed a strategic alliance with Coca-Cola.
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