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Three taboos about diet before the exam. Don't step on these pits.

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 With a week to go before the college entrance examination, many parents try their best to make up for their children at the last rush.
However, blind supplement can not only help candidates achieve good results in the examination, but also may be counterproductive. In this crucial life node for many candidates, how to eat in order to avoid the critical moment "drop chain"? Chal and Sister Roaring summed up the three "taboos" of eating before the exam for you. Come and see how to avoid these pits.
Taboo: Great changes in diet
There is no so-called college entrance nutrition meal or brain tonic artifact. During the preparation period, candidates have high mental pressure, gastrointestinal sensitivity, unfamiliar food may trigger gastrointestinal stress reaction, mild people feel stomachache discomfort, serious diarrhea, which is not conducive to the test play. During the examination period, candidates should be provided with diet that conforms to their daily habits, and candidates should not be advised to "eat more", just as usual, "seven full just right", eating too full may lead to "food poverty".
Taboo: Use your brain to need sweets
Glucose is the main source of brain nutrition, but it does not mean that the brain should be open to eat sweets and drink sweet drinks. One-time intake of large amounts of sugar can make people sleepy and difficult to concentrate. It is recommended to eat some healthy staple foods in moderation, such as cereals (cereals and white rice, the proportion of half, and choose quinoa, millet, such as non-flammable cereals) to ensure the normal operation of the brain.
Taboo: Too much strong tea and coffee to refresh
Insufficient sleep is unavoidable during the preparation period. Many candidates will refresh themselves with strong tea and coffee. However, excessive caffeine intake will affect the quality of sleep, at the same time, it will aggravate water loss, stimulate the intestines and stomach, some caffeine-sensitive people will appear panic, trembling symptoms, which is not conducive to the test play. If you want to do well in the exam, it is more important to ensure adequate sleep.
During the preparation period, the key is to eat comfortably.
Examination preparation diet should pay attention to nutritional balance as usual, and when learning stress diet should pay more attention to eating comfortably and less burden. Today, Chael and Sister Roaring are going to share a "comfortable" recipe with you.
Shrimp Wonton Pot
(Recipes refer to Ziwabian Youzi's "Modified earthen pot cuisine without printing"

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