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To dispel rumors: Durian milk eaten together will not sudden death

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 Wechat friends circle once circulated such a news: Chinese tourists drink milk after eating durian, causing caffeine poisoning, soaring blood pressure, triggering sudden cardiac death. "Thailand has a clear rule that dairy products should not be consumed within 8 hours after eating a large amount of durian," the post said. Is that really the case?
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"Caffeine is found mainly in coffee, tea and other herbs. So, it seems that this news is not valid from a nutritional point of view. If the sudden death is real, it can only happen by accident. Lei Min, deputy director of Nutrition Department of the Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University, said that the visitor was likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, plus fatigue, eating too much durian and drinking a lot of milk, resulting in excessive calorie and fluid volume, increased heart burden, and sudden death caused by acute heart attack.
"As for not drinking milk within eight hours after eating durian, it is not feasible." Lei Min said that for example, we often eat desserts, such as durian ice cream, durian puff, durian thousand-layer cake and a series of durian desserts, are made by mixing fresh cream or condensed milk with durian. Fresh cream and refined milk are processed from fresh milk, but there are no reported cases of life-threatening desserts.
In addition, Lei Min reminded, "Although drinking after eating durian will not cause death, but if the amount of inappropriate consumption is really harmful to human health, it is better to eat at staggered peaks."
Source: Guangzhou Daily

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