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Why do netizens love Chupi salad juice

   Release date: 2019-07-31     Hits: 78    
 In the season of bare meat, many beauty eyebrows who pay attention to their body begin to stop meat and reduce oil, eat more vegetables and fruits, and open a light diet. But... What if vegetables and fruits are not good? At this time, the old driver of Chupi will come to guide you! The key to making tasteless fruits and vegetables delicious is that you need to have a bottle of Chubi salad juice! (No, lots of bottles of Chupi salad juice!)

What is Chupi Salad Juice?
Answer: Sample line seasoning dipped in fried sauce! Maybe some people are not familiar with the Chupi salad juice, which has been loved by netizens who are at the forefront of health and beauty.
On July 12, in the afternoon of sunshine, a lot of net Reds made an appointment with Chupi salad juice PARTY. The site is a one-day limited Chubi salad bar, with fresh and lovely Chubi styles ranging from interior decoration to table trinkets. During afternoon tea time, netizens taste black tea dessert, listen to the teacher to explain the knowledge of health and beauty, and then introduce their usual maintenance secrets. Hundreds of netizens asked questions to their teachers through live broadcasting, and all kinds of impromptu answers kept the whole audience laughing. In your speeches, you mentioned eating more vegetables and fruits to ensure daily nutritional intake. As for how to make healthy and delicious dishes with mediocre vegetables and fruits, the teacher introduced "energy salad" to you. Energy salad refers to a salad must have vegetables, fruits, protein and more than three kinds of ingredients, both to meet the energy needs of the human body, but not to eat too much calories, in Japan, "energy salad" has gradually become the staple food on the table. This time, PARTY prepared vegetable, fruit, protein, dried fruit and other ingredients for the participants, and then added Chupi salad juice, so that everyone DIY belongs to their own energy salad. Netizens have made their own full-color, fragrant and full-flavored Chupi energy salad according to their favorite tastes. When satisfied, they have not forgotten to share their photos with their fans.










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