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These five foods are not sweet but have high sugar content.

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 Original title: Sugar pals, please pay attention! These five kinds of food are not sweet but have high sugar content.
Diabetics should not eat foods with high sugar content, which is a common sense that almost every adult knows. But many people don't know that some foods that are not sweet are "sugary big households", such as fish-flavored pork shreds, bread and so on. Next, let's see what foods with high sugars are overlooked by us, and what dietary taboos diabetics should pay attention to.
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Five kinds of food are not sweet but have high sugar content
1. The instant paste in supermarkets is a big sugar-containing consumer.
Because of the poor taste of pure milled grain, beans and other flour, there is even a peculiar "earthy smell" of grains and miscellaneous beans. Therefore, soybean milk powder, lotus root powder, walnut powder and other paste foods are often added with a lot of sugar to adjust the taste. Sugar in some products even ranks first in the ingredient list, so we must pay more attention to it when buying.
2. Hawthorn slices, plum and other sour snacks
Hawthorn and plum are rich in organic acids and have a sour taste. When sugar is added to the processing, the taste will be sour and sweet. Some hawthorn tablets contain as much as 70%-80% sugar, while the sugar content of plum is not weak, generally ranking second in the ingredients list, after plum.
3. Red-roasted meat and fish-flavored pork shreds are high in sugar.
Experts said that many people like to use sugar to season their dishes, especially the chefs in restaurants like to use sugar to flavor a lot. A piece of braised pork ribs, braised fish and fish-flavored pork shreds should be added about 25-30 grams of sugar, and braised pork should be added 40-50 grams. The highest is sweet and sour ribs and sweet and sour ribs, each with about 75 grams of sugar added. In addition, some processed meat products that people like to eat, such as dried meat and preserved meat, also contain a lot of sugar.
4. Kiwifruit and grapefruit contain more sugar than watermelon.
Experts say that despite the sweet taste of watermelon, the sugar content is only 4.2%, while kiwifruit tastes more acidic, but the sugar content is 10%. Fruits with sugar content ranging from 9% to 13% include apples, apricots, figs, oranges and lychees. Persimmon, longan, banana, bayberry, pomegranate and other fruits contain more than 14% sugar.
5. Invisible sugar is also found in yogurt and bread.
If you make your own bread or yoghurt at home, you will find that about 10-20 grams of sugar should be added to 100 grams of white bread, not counting its own starch content. Yogurt is made with 100 grams of milk and about 10 grams of sugar.
Dietary Taboos in Diabetics
1. Sugar, preserves, canned fruits, soda, juice, jam, ice cream, biscuits, sweet bread and sugar pastries should not be eaten, because these foods contain high sugar and are easy to cause hyperglycemia.
2, should not eat high cholesterol foods and animal fat, such as animal brain, liver, heart, lung, waist, yolk, fat, butter, pig, cattle and sheep oil, these foods are easy to increase blood lipids, prone to atherosclerosis;
3. It is not suitable to drink alcohol. Alcohol can make blood sugar fluctuate. When drinking a lot on an empty stomach, serious hypoglycemia can occur. Moreover, drunkenness can often cover up the manifestation of hypoglycemia, which is not easy to find and very dangerous.
Source: Family Doctor Online

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