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Three Kinds of Healthy Snacks Standing in Office

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 Original title: Three kinds of healthy snacks in wolfberry eye care dark chocolate refreshing Office
My eyes are dry, my stomach is hungry, I feel my body is hollowed out. I believe many working people often feel these feelings. At this time, in addition to the necessary rest, snacks are the choice of many people. However, snacks, although to eat, but to eat healthy oh.
Three Kinds of Health Snacks PD.jpg Standing in Office
Three Kinds of Healthy Snacks Standing in Office
Eye care snacks: wolfberry, Blueberry
Lycium barbarum has been known as "Red Treasure" since ancient times. As a precursor of vitamin A, it is rich in natural pigment beta carotene, which can prevent vitamin A deficiency and protect eyes and eyes. Watching computer, TV, game console for a long time will increase the consumption of vitamin A, we should pay more attention to supplementation. Blueberry is rich in anthocyanins, which can protect microvessels and improve blood supply to eyes.
Anti-hunger snacks: whole wheat bread, nuts
Whole wheat bread is a complex carbohydrate, which does not make blood sugar fluctuate rapidly, and high fiber will bring satiety, making people not easily hungry. Natural peanuts, almonds, walnuts and other nuts are rich in vegetable protein, healthy unsaturated oils and fibers, which can provide satiety and delay gastric emptying. But nuts have too much fat, so it's better to eat only one tablespoon a day, otherwise it's easy to gain weight.
Refreshing snacks: green tea, dark chocolate
Green tea contains theanine, an antioxidant that relaxes the brain and quickly relieves tension and anxiety. Green tea is rich in caffeine can stimulate the human central nervous system excitation, play a refreshing effect, but it is not recommended to drink green tea drinks. Studies have shown that dark chocolate can increase blood supply to the brain and that eating only 9.3 grams of black chocolate a day can prevent memory loss caused by aging. In addition, dark chocolate also stimulates the brain to release a feel-good chemical, a neurotransmitter, which makes people more focused.
In addition to the above three types of snacks, many office workers often feel anxious and stressed. At this time, they can eat some food which can relieve anxiety and stress.
Five foods to relieve anxiety and stress
1. Bananas. Bananas contain a substance called alkaloids, which can stimulate people's spirits and enhance confidence. And bananas are sources of tryptophan and vitamin b6, which help the brain produce serotonin.
2. Cherry. Cherry is called natural aspirin by Western doctors. Because there is a substance called anthocyanin in cherries, which can make happiness. Scientists at the University of Michigan believe that 20 cherries are more effective than any medicine when people are in a bad mood.
3. Grapefruit. Grapefruit contains high levels of vitamin C, not only can maintain the concentration of red blood cells, enhance the body's resistance, but also vitamin C can resist stress. Most importantly, vitamin C is one of the most important components in the manufacture of dopamine and adrenaline.
4. Celery. Stress affects sleep, and you will find that you wake up before you fall asleep, which is a common symptom of high pressure. Tryptophan in celery helps the body produce brain serotonin, which is essential for maintaining positive emotions and healthy sleep. Celery stalks with sugar-free peanut butter can help ensure a good night's sleep and maintain blood sugar levels at a constant level.
5. Milk. Calcium is a natural nerve system stabilizer. When people are under some kind of pressure, the excretion of calcium through urine will increase. Therefore, candidates preparing for battle should pay attention to choosing high calcium milk, yogurt, shrimp skin, egg yolk and other foods, which have the effect of calming the mood.
Source: Family Doctor Online

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