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Food City Salesman

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Industry Latest recruitment Position Latest recruitment
Department Vacancy 10
Area Default area Job Nature 类型
Gender 性别 Marriage 未婚
Education 学历 Experience None
Age 20yrs+ Salary More than 6000element/month
Updated 2019-07-31 Valid until Never Expire
Job responsibilities:
1. Provide quality service for customers entering stores, including answering customer consultation, introducing commodities, providing shopping cart baskets, warehouse pickup, etc.
2. Guarantee the sale of commodities, replenish the goods in short supply on end shelves, stacks and shelves in time, and lay out the layout according to the requirements, so as to achieve the effect of neatness, beauty and fullness;
3. Guarantee that every commodity in the sales area has the correct barcode and the correct price tag.
4. Maintain the sanitation of the sales area (including shelves and commodities), keep the shopping passage smooth, and remove empty cards and garbage in time.
5. Do a good job of on-site publicity of promotional activities to improve sales;
6. Have anti-theft awareness, control commodity wear and tear, track key monitored commodities against theft, recover customers'abandoned commodities and deal with damaged commodities in time;
7. Clean up the shelf storage area and warehouse, so that the inventory goods are clearly marked, the yard is neat and safe, and the rules are orderly.
8. Do a good job of Sanxin inspection, register the unqualified commodities and do the clearance and refund processing;
9. Participate in inventory work;
10. Participate in market research and promotional leaflet issuance as required by the supervisor.
1. Junior high school or above, healthy, under 35 years of age (with better work experience can be appropriately relaxed age);
2. Have basic communication skills, computer operation skills, strong learning ability and good service attitude.
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