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Be picky when you are hungry

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Note: When hungry, people's appetite will become stronger and stronger. There is even an impulse to grab food and stuff it in
 When hungry, people's appetite will become stronger and stronger. There is even an impulse to grab food and stuff it in their mouth. If you indulge your appetite blindly, over time, obesity, overweight and so on will inadvertently come to your door. In case of eating wrong, it may also damage health.
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What foods can't be eaten when you are hungry? What should you do about the five hungriest moments of the day?
Hungry, try not to eat six kinds of food
The feeling of satiety is poor, and eating can not relieve hunger immediately. On the contrary, because of the high secretion of gastric juice during persimmon, persimmon contains more acid and tannic acid, and it is easy to form insoluble gel blocks, which is harmful to digestion.
Cold drink
Choosing cold drinks such as ice cream and iced drinks under starvation can not only alleviate hunger, but also stimulate gastrointestinal contracture.
Bananas contain more polysaccharides, which can alleviate hunger to a certain extent. But bananas contain a lot of magnesium. Eating bananas on an empty stomach will cause a sudden increase in magnesium in the human body and destroy the balance of magnesium and calcium in the human blood. It will inhibit the cardiovascular system, which is not conducive to health.
Milk, soymilk
Both of them contain a lot of protein, which can quickly replenish energy. But when you drink on an empty stomach, protein can not be absorbed, and it is easy to produce gastrointestinal flatulence. The correct way to drink is to mix with pastries, pastries and other flour-containing foods to effectively promote protein absorption.
sweet potato
Sweet potatoes contain higher crude fibers and carbohydrates, which can quickly provide calories and alleviate hunger. However, sweet potatoes contain tannins and gelatin, which can stimulate gastric acid secretion and cause heartburn and other discomforts. Normally, people with poor stomach and intestines should not choose sweet potatoes when they are hungry.
Sugar can quickly alleviate the symptoms of low sugar when hungry, but it does not have a strong sense of satiety. It is not advisable to eat a lot of sugar on an empty stomach.
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Five hungriest moments are more choosy
Wake up in the morning
Many people want a strong cup of coffee at this time, but Dr. Samantha Heller, a senior clinical nutritionist in the United States, points out that a cup of hot chocolate (about 110 kilocalories and 10% of the calcium required by the human body in a day) or orange juice (about 109 kilocalories and 15% of the folic acid required by the human body in a day) may be better. He points out that caffeine may give you a moment's wakefulness, but it can't last long.
If you want to stay awake all morning, you need to eat enough calories, a cup of chocolate or orange juice, plus a cup of yogurt or a fruit to meet that demand.
30 minutes before lunch
It's better to eat biscuits, bread or sugar-free yogurt and fruit made from coarse grains, which are more digestive and won't interfere with your appetite for lunch. In addition, since you are less hungry, you can choose your lunch food sensibly and eat healthier.
On the way back from fitness
It's easy to feel hungry at this time. Dr. Heller pointed out that no matter how much you want to eat, it's better not to eat at random, or the exercise you just did will be in vain.
If you are really hungry, you can choose a small portion of food containing protein and carbohydrates, such as skim or low-fat yogurt. Among them, proteins provide the amino acids needed by the body to repair muscles, while carbohydrates help restore liver glycogen.
Intermittent working hours
Work pressure, many people will feel that they always want to eat, in fact, this is an illusion, you can use a short walk to distract attention. If you really want to eat, you'd better eat an apple or a carrot. Chewing with low calories can relax the nerves on your face.
When you feel very hungry
This is when people have the lowest resistance to food temptation, it is easy to eat and drink. Dr. Heller points out that it's best to drink water before deciding to eat, because it's likely that your body is dehydrated, which can also increase your hunger.
If you still feel hungry, you can eat some peanut butter or nuts, which are not only nutritious, but also have a strong sense of satiety, help you control energy intake.
Source: 99 Health Network
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