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Are seedless grapes related to contraceptives?

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Note: Recently, a video of a conversation between a suspected fruit vendor and a fruit grower was circulated on the Internet.
 Recently, a video of a conversation between a suspected fruit vendor and a fruit grower was circulated on the Internet. The two people discussed how the seedless grapes came to be eaten or not. once the video was sent out, many people were worried. To give you an accurate and authoritative statement, the reporter interviewed Nie Jiyun, director of the Fruit Quality and Safety Risk Assessment Laboratory (Xingcheng) of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Fruit Tree Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Nie Jiyun said that the seedless grapes sold on the market at present have nothing to do with contraceptives. From the results of grape quality and safety risk assessment over the years, the quality and safety of grapes are guaranteed and consumers can rest assured that they can eat.
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Question 1: How did seedless grapes come from?
Nie Jiyun introduced that grapes can be divided into two categories according to whether there are grape seeds or not, namely seeded grapes and seedless grapes. The so-called seedless grape is the grape with natural seeds, seedless grape can be divided into two situations: one is the natural seedless grape, some varieties are unisexual and therefore seedless, the most common use of Seedless white grapes for drying raisins is the most typical example; the other is seedless cultivation through modern agricultural technology means. Breeding, in short, is to apply a certain concentration of plant growth regulators during the flowering period of grapes to inhibit seed development, to achieve the effect of seedless, like the seedless Jufeng grape, which is very popular with the people now, is cultivated in this way.
Question 2: What is the plant growth regulator for grapes? Is it safe?
Plant growth regulator is a kind of pesticide used to regulate the growth and development of plants. The most commonly used plant growth regulator in Seedless cultivation of grapes is gibberellin, which has been legally registered for grape production. Later, researchers used fermentation or synthetic methods to produce large-scale products for potatoes, tomatoes, fruit trees and other crops, to promote growth, germination, and improve fruit setting rate.
Nie Jiyun said that the use of gibberellin for seedless cultivation of grapes is very safe for consumers. One reason is that the concentration of gibberellin used in grape cultivation is very low. If the concentration is high or the amount of gibberellin applied is large, it will cause damage to the plant, which is not worth the loss. Moreover, it took two or three months from flowering to grape harvesting, and the gibberellin sprayed previously basically degraded.
According to the results of grape quality and safety risk assessment by the Ministry of Agriculture for many years, gibberellin was seldom detected in grapes, and the residue in the detected samples was not more than 0.1 mg/kg. Second, the toxicity of gibberellin itself is very low. Converted according to the international safety limit, an adult weighing 60 kilograms can only take 180 mg of gibberellin every day to cause health hazards. Even at a high residue level of 0.1 mg/kg, it is obviously impossible for consumers to consume 180 mg of gibberellin per day after eating 1800 kg of grapes.
Question 3: Can gibberellin make grapes seedless and cause infertility?
Nie Jiyun believes that this inference is absurd. Plant growth regulators are commonly known as "plant hormones" in people's population. Contraceptives belong to animal hormones. They are not the same thing at all.
If the hormone molecule wants to play a role, it must "recognize" the specific protein in the cell and bind to it. The molecular structure of plant hormone is totally different from that of animal hormone. The structure and protein of plant cell and animal cell are totally different. It is like opening a lock with a key. If the key doesn't match the lock structure, it can't be unlocked. In the same way, people can not use contraceptives to make fruits seedless, and "plant hormones" can not regulate human growth and development.
Finally, Nie Jiyun emphasized that seedless cultivation with plant growth regulators is a scientific way of agricultural production. Agricultural departments have strict regulations and strict supervision on the use of plant growth regulators. You may buy seedless grapes without listening to rumors.
Source: Xinhua.com
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