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Pan-fried salmon

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 "Making salmon almost every week has developed a simpler, faster and less oily way, and dinner will be ready in a few minutes. Listen to me in detail:
Fish and vegetables come out in a pot, salmon is very oily, the frying process will produce oil, vegetable moisture is large, when boiled, it will seep out. Fish should not be fried dry, but boiled with water. Vegetables need to be fried in oil, so that they can absorb each other.
Another stove cooks a pot of potatoes, which is a Western way of eating, not accustomed to rice or steamed bread.
Today's vegetables are green pepper and corm fennel. Perhaps you do not know much about corm fennel. This vegetable is a common and popular vegetable in Europe and the United States. It has a unique fragrance, crisp taste, can be eaten raw or cooked, contains more comprehensive nutrients, and has the functions of stomach-strengthening, appetite-promoting, wind-driving and other therapeutic effects.
When frying or boiling fish soup, flavoring with bulb fennel can not only remove the fishy smell, but also make the fish more delicious.
Material: Salmon, potatoes, corm fennel, green and red pepper.
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