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Double cooked pork slices

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 Pot-wrapped meat
Slice the ridge into 8 cm long, 5 cm wide and 0.2 cm thick slices.
Put a little red wine, black pepper and salt in the guest and marinate for about 20 minutes.
Put the cured meat into the corn starch solution and wrap it in a paste. (Corn starch mixed with water to form a thick paste)
Sauce, 4 spoons vinegar, 5 spoons sugar, 2 spoons tomato sauce, a small amount of water starch mixture can be reserved.
Pour sunflower seed oil into the frying pan and heat it to 67% heat. Put the starched meat pieces into the pan one by one. Deep fry until crispy and tender inside. Drain the oil.
Leave a little oil in the pan, add ginger and onion, fry, pour in the prepared sweet and vinegar juice, fry hot, quickly pour the fried meat into the pan, turn over evenly, then put the pan into a dish, sprinkle garlic seedlings.
Pork must choose pork tenderloin, so the taste of meat will be fine. Tomato sauce can be used instead of vinegar, which tastes better.
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