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Steamed bread with purple potato blossoms

Steamed bread with purple potato blossoms
 "Except for more breakfast cakes, there aren't many other pasta dishes, especially steamed buns. The main reason is that they eat less and do less, especially if they can eat five or six steamed buns a year.
The practice of "purple potato flowering steamed bread", feel very good, oh, today I will share the formula to you. If you are tired of the traditional white steamed bread, you can change the pattern to steamed a pot of steamed bread "purple potato flowering steamed bread", you will like it as I do!
"Purple potato flowering steamed bread" sounds very complicated, but the actual operation is not difficult, good products, open smiles, bright colors, small and exquisite, eye-catching! Visible vegetable fibers are nutritious and suitable for all ages. You can start with a good breakfast.
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