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Plasma duck

Plasma duck
 People often say "chicken, duck, fish" four meat, to say what kind of meat to eat in summer is the most healthy, it must be duck.
Duck meat has much higher protein content than other livestock meat, moderate fat content and uniform distribution. Influenced by the heat evil, people eat less and sleep less in summer. Many people are thin and need food to supplement. In summer, it is not suitable to eat fat, hot and dry food, but ducks are very good for fighting the hot climate. Fat in duck meat is different from butter or lard. Its chemical composition is similar to olive oil. It has the effect of lowering cholesterol and is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is especially suitable for people who fear that too much saturated fatty acid will lead to atherosclerosis. It contains more B vitamins and vitamin E than other meat. It can effectively resist beriberi, neuritis and inflammation, and also can resist aging. Duck meat has the advantage of high protein and low fat. The protein content of duck meat is 16%-20%, which is higher than pork (13.3%), while the fat content of duck meat (19.7%) is lower than pork meat (37%). In addition, duck meat is rich in potassium, iron, copper, zinc and other elements. There is a folk saying that "the old duck is better than the tonic in the summer".
In summer, it is better than beriberi medicine. 9 yuan and 1 jin is really inexpensive. They are no longer afraid of itching and peeling.
This plasma duck is a special dish in Shaoyang area of Hunan Province. It is baked with fresh duck blood and covered with duck meat.
Duck meat is rich in nutrition, and duck blood nutrition is even more important. When killing ducks, we must not waste it. Duck blood tastes salty and cool, has a good blood-tonifying effect, but also has heat-clearing and detoxification effect. Duck blood can warm the spleen and stomach, liver and kidney, blood-tonifying and meridian-warming, and protect gastric mucosa. When making ducks, fresh duck blood and duck pieces are wrapped up and fried together. If you buy ducks in supermarkets, they will also give you several bags of ducks intimately. Blood, if the shop forgot to give you, you must remember to ask Ha.
Duck blood taste salty, wrapped in duck meat fried special delicious, fried duck meat tender and appetizing, is the best way I have eaten. Actually, the method of plasma duck is similar to that of fried duck, but it adds an additional action of wrapping plasma. Let's see how this delicious plasma duck is made.
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