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Sugar and oil cake

Sugar and oil cake
 "Women have been pursuing beauty all their lives. They should be slender and ruddy. If you are also on the road of pursuing beauty, you must read this article.
If women want to make themselves look younger, they should not only apply facial mask and skin care products, but also want beauty, diet therapy and more importantly, the beauty that is conditioned from inside and outside is the real beauty. Look at those old and energetic people, which one is not on the diet research, women want to be young, invigorating qi and blood is the secret. Full of energy and blood, ruddy complexion, plain face are very beautiful!
As we all know, Ejiao is a good food for tonifying blood. More and more people realize the efficacy of Ejiao. So in recent years, the price of Ejiao has risen sharply. Last year, the price of Ejiao, which was 200 yuan and 500 grams, has risen to more than 500. This price has doubled. Where can ordinary people afford it? In addition to the price, there are many people with thermal constitution are not suitable for eating E-gelatin, like my mother, eat E-gelatin on fire. It's better to learn how to make this delicious snack in Hunan with invigorating Qi and blood. Everyone can afford it. It's mild and not on fire. Eat it twice a week. It's ruddy and beautiful.
Summer is the best time to invigorate Qi and blood, eat the right food, do not have to worry about fire, summer, everyone's appetite is generally poor, you can eat this snack on weekdays, appetizer and supplement, so that you have enough blood, enhance immunity, lay a good foundation for the peaceful summer.
Today, I share with you this delicious food of Invigorating Qi and blood, but it has a lot of origins. It is one of the famous snacks in Hunan. Many people come here with admiration. If you travel to Hunan, you must not miss it.
The main ingredients of this delicacy are brown sugar and glutinous rice. brown sugar is called Oriental chocolate. It is rich in iron and elements and easy to be digested and absorbed by human body. It can quickly replenish physical strength and increase vitality. It is a good warm tonic. Now the living conditions are good. In summer, air conditioning and cold drinks become routine. These high-tech heat relief technologies bring comfort to people, but also allow the body to gather a lot of cold. These cold has been condensed in the body, making the body more and more cold. Over time, the hands and feet are cold and sick. The symptoms such as symptoms are becoming more and more obvious. Therefore, these people can eat more brown sugar in summer, brown sugar is a warm thing, in the treatment of all cold diseases can be used. Nutrition is rich, and sugar content is low, it is not only a special product for women, oh, body deficiency, elderly people eat brown sugar has a beneficial effect. Female friends usually eat more brown sugar, both blood-tonifying and blood-activating, can make you look better, ruddy face, plain face is very beautiful.
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