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Self-made dried Bayberry

Self-made dried Bayberry
 "Red solid green branches, brilliant in front of the dock", that is, red fruits dotted with green branches, as if to illuminate the front dock. And this fruit you will immediately associate with sweet and sour juicy bayberry.
Myrica rubra is usually listed in mid-June, and it goes out in early July. Myrica rubra is extremely difficult to store in the season and can be much worse overnight. Fresh bayberry is good for bayberry sauce besides soaking bayberry wine. After bayberry falls into the market every year, many fruit growers make bayberry into dried bayberry, and keep the delicious bayberry for a long time, so that you can also taste sweet and sour bayberry in winter.
Dried bayberry made at home without additives, preservatives, you can eat at ease! Today, this can of sweet dried bayberry, let's learn to make it together."
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